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05 Jan 2012

Death date 03 Jan 2012 added for Michael Gene Freshour, son of George Edward, Sr. and Lucyle Willingham Freshour.

01 Dec 2011

Hopefully I am back in business.  Please check back later to see if I have succeeded in getting back to editing this sight or if I am still playing stupid habit-forming Facebook games!!!

03 Aug 2009

Photos added for William Schaefer family.

29 Jul 2009

I would like to thank Dr. Douglas Barton Willingham for his generous donation of money toward maintenance of this site.  Also, for the updated information and photos of Wilson and SAJ's families.  Doug has been a blessing in the editing of this information for me.  Thank you Doug!

Photos have been added on the family pages ofArchibald Willingham's sons:

Alfred Jackson Willingham, Wilson Willingham, and Sterling Andrew Jackson (SAJ) Willingham

25 Jul 2009

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The Nomination of Anson Jones as President of the Republic of Texas
added to Texas History

16 Jun 2009

I have spent hours correcting  numerous broken links.  I would appreciate it if you would email me if you should find any broken links I might have missed.  Thanks!

08 Jun 2009

Obituary added today for Charles Dale "Chuck" Devereaux.

07 Jun 2009

Obituaries were added today for Irene Schaefer Willingham, Joshua D. Wilkerson, and Freddie Frank Mitchell.

04 Jun 2009

Sterling Andrew Jackson Willingham, Jr. and his descendants have been added.

03 June 2009

Welborn Barton Willingham and his descendants have been added.

28 May 2009

I have not been able to update for quite some time.  I will continue updates as soon as I find and organize records again.  Hopefully, it will be soon.

4 Mar 2004

A break-through has been made for our JACKSON family research.  The process of finding proof for this research has already begun.  It will go back to the 1500's in England, on to Ireland, and eventually Pennsylvania, USA.  We are excited with finding which Jackson family we belong to!

24 February 2002

The Mier Expedition has been updated to include a list of ALL the members.  If you have a site with the genealogy of a member, please contact me and I will include a link to your page.  Thanks!


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