Welcome to Cut `N Shoot, Texas...
Where the men are tough, the horses are swift, and the women are soft and where we take a bath every Saturday night whether we need one or not!  
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CUT `N SHOOT, TEXAS is located six miles east of Conroe on State Highway 105.  When this writer moved to the community in 1971, the population sign on the highway said the population was 300.  There was a merchantile, a little "red" store, a fire station, elementary school, and post office.  Over the years, the population has increased to 1,158.  The town has become incorporated and a town hall with a community park has been built.  Cut-n-Shoot has it's own water system, and numerous business have sprang up along the highway.

There are numerous versions of a confrontation that happened in about 1912 when the residents built a new community building.  During a meeting, to determine the use of the building, a dispute erupted between two church groups over who was going to use the building for their church services.  A heated argument progressed and a young boy at the scene became scared and reportedly said "I'm going to "cut" around the corner "and shoot" through the bushes!"  The phrase stuck!

Roy Harris, a known boxer was credited with getting Cut-n-Shoot put on the Texas map during his early television fights in probably the early 1950's.

Joyce Jackson 2001