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(My granddaughter, Angelica Hester at the Alamo)
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While standing amidst the spreading arms of this old oak tree,
It whispered many things about how things used to be.

"I have sat on this spot with nothing to do but observe
Generations passing before me, I never spoke a word.

Indians sat in my shade as they rested while hunting buffalo.
Then I saw them move along and saw their tears of woe.

The Spaniards came along and founded this very town.
But, soon I saw things that gave me tears and made me frown.

The old mission over there, held settlers who traveled far;
And many soldiers who would have to go to war.

The mission lost her very breath when Santa Anna came.
He brought with him, many soldiers to make his claim.

Then, I heard of San Jacinto, a place never seen by me.
Where Texans rebelled and killed Santa Anna’s mighty army.

Now many people have passed before me as they come to see...
San Antonio as it is but not what it used to be.

It makes me happy to see the Alamo rebuilt and see the people come.
Sometimes, they even stop for a while, and listen as you have done."

Joyce Jackson


© copyright Joyce Jackson 2000 - 2009
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