"Bless My Daughter"

Please, dear God, bless my daughter and let her know
That her daddy loves her so.

Grant her grace to grow up strong
To choose the right and not the wrong.

Nurture her with faith and love
And keep her close to You above.

Lord, keep her safe by night and day,
And allow her joy when she's at play.

Please, dear God, hear my prayer
And always keep her in Your care.

Please send me home so we can spend more time,
And bless her life as she's blessed mine.

Be ever so near when she may call,
And lift her up if she should fall.

Please, dear God, bless my daughter whom you know,
Her name is Christina and I love her so.

Please, dear God, keep her safe,
And let her know "Daddy's on his way."
  Copyright Alan Jackson  2006, 2009                                                 
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