It was a sunny afternoon when Billy Bob said to Jim Bill, "Hey, Jim Bill, why don't we get ourselves 2 horses? We could ride them in the summer and in the winter we could put them in the paddock behind the house."

Jim Bill  thought it was a great idea, so the next day they went out and bought themselves 2 horses. They rode them in the summer, but when winter came Jim Bill got worried. He said "Hey, Billy Bob, how are we going to tell them apart next spring?"

Billy Bob said, "Well, I'll shave the mane off mine and you shave the tail off yours." This satisfied Jim Bill so he did. The next spring when they went back to get their horses they found the horses' hair had all grown back.

Alarmed, Jim Bill said, "Oh great, now how are we going to tell them apart?"

And Billy Bob said, "Well, you can have the black one and I'll take the white one."