(1904 - 1998)


11. Alton Jackson WILLINGHAM 4(Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)was born 4 Oct 1904 in Fisher County, Texas, USA and died 26 Apr 1998 in Abilene, Texas.  He married 10 Jun 1928 to Nell Blanche Caldwell who was born 14 Sep 1909 in Aspermont, Texas, USA.
Children of Alton and Nell:

Robert Caldwell WILLINGHAM5(Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 8 Dec 1931.  He married 10 Oct 1953 to Sivlene ALLEN.
Children of Robert and Sivlene:

    i.  Robert Allen WILLINGHAM6(Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 7 Aug 1955.  He married Jeanie UNKNOWN. 
Child of Robert and Jeanie:


Hailee WILLINGHAM7(Robert6Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)
    ii.  Marian Nell WILLINGHAM6(Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 21 Aug 1957.  She married a Unknown HARSHANEY and divorced. 
Their children:


Allen HARSHANEY7(Marian6Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)


Jackie HARSHANEY7(Marian6Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)
    iii.  Alton James WILLINGHAM6(Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 12 Jul 1960. .


Katrina WILLINGHAM7(Allen6Robert5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)

Norma Gene WILLINGHAM5(Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 12 Dec 1934.  She married 16 Jul 1964 to Dr. Herman Elazarus SCHAFFER who was born 14 Jan 1935.
Children of Norma and Herman:

    i.  Andrew Caldwell SCHAFFER6(Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 22 Jul 1965 in New York, N.Y.  He married 19 Aug 1988 to Elizabeth WILSON who was born 01 Jul 1966.
Children of Andrew and Elizabeth:
      i.  Lydia Rose SCHAFFER7(Andrew6Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 5 Aug 1993 in Dallas, Texas, USA.
      ii.  Lila Carol SCHAFFER7(Andrew6Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)  was born 3 Oct 1995 in Bedford, Texas. USA.

Jeffrey David SCHAFFER6(Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 24 Mar 1967. He married 21 Oct 1995 Julie Jenene HETRICK who was born 24 Apr 1969.
Children of Jeffrey and Julie:

      i.  Jessica Leigh SCHAFFER7(Jeffrey6Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)  was born 16 Aug 2000 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
      ii.  Jenna Renee SCHAEFER7(Jeffrey6Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)  was born 24 Sep 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Susan SCHAFFER6(Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1)  was born 5 Jun 1969.  She married 25 Jun 1994 Jay Charles ROBERTS who was born 22 Feb 1968.

      i.  Molly ROBERTS7(Susan6Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 3 Sep 1998 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA..
      ii.  George Alton ROBERTS7(Susan6Norma5Alton4 Barton3Jackson2Archibald1) was born 17 Feb 2002 in Arlington, Texas, USA.

Note:  Information about this family from Douglas B. Willingham

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