3. Caroline Elizabeth WILLINGHAM2(Archibald1)[15, 1, 2, 3]. She was born on Jul 12, 1817 in Jasper, Georgia, USA, USA [15, 1]. Residence 1880 in Precinct 1, Lee, Texas, United States [7] and died on Oct 08, 1881 in Giddings, Lee, Texas, USA. She married 01 Nov 1849 to Henry G ANDERSON. He was born 1814 in Tennessee, USA [15] and died in Lee, Texas, USA [15]. Residence 1880 in Precinct 1, Lee, Texas, USA, United States [7].


Children of Henry and Caroline Anderson were:
8 i. 

Mary Jane ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1) [29, 30, 31, 32]. She was born 1842 in Texas [33]. Residence 1860 in Washington, Texas, USA [33]. She married Toliver Keeton Wilson. They were married on Jun 20, 1861 in Washington, Texas, USA [29]. She died before 1900 in Texas, USA.

ii.  Albert M. ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1) was born about 1843 in Texas, USA.
iii.  Margaret ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1) was born about 1845 in Texas, USA.
  iv.  Lee ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1)[34] was born about 1847 in Texas.  Residence 1860 in Washington, Texas, USA [34].
v.  Julia ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1) was born about 1849 in Texas, USA.
vi.  Wilson ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1)[35] was born about 1853 in Washington County, Texas, USA.  He died 31 Mar 1875 in Texas., USA.  Residence 1860 in Washington, Texas, USA [35] (see notes below)
vii.  Adeline ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald11) [36]. was born about 1855 in Texas. Residence 1860 in Washington, Texas, USA [36].
9 viii  Ann Eliza ANDERSON3(Caroline2Archibald1)[37, 15, 38]. was born on Jan 11, 1858 in Washington Co., Texas, USA [39, 40, 41]. She married John Wiley Wesson. They were married on Jan 16, 1878 in Lee, Texas, USA, USA [37, 15]. Residence 1920 in Justice Precinct 3, Bell, Texas, USA [42]. She died on Feb 26, 1926 in Bartlett, Williamson, Texas, USA. Burial on Feb 27, 1926 in Bartlett Cemetery Bartlett Williamson County, Texas, USA (Plot: Section 2 Row 6).


¦ Notes for Wilson Anderson:
Anderson was in on the census, living near the Longley family for years.

General Notes:
murdered by the notorious gunman William Preston (Bill) Longley
in 1875.Longley was hanged for this murder on October 11, 1878, at Giddings. In late 1874 Longley and his brother James Stockton Longley rode from Bell County to the Lee County home of their uncle, Caleb Longley, who implored Longley to kill Wilson Anderson for allegedly killing his son. On March 31, 1875, Longley shot gunned Anderson to death while Anderson was plowing a field, and the two brothers fled north to Indian Territory. In July, James Longley returned to Bell County and turned himself in. James was later acquitted of any part in Anderson's murder; however, Bill Longley remained a wanted man. Longley's travels for the rest of 1872 remain mysterious, but by February 1873 he had returned to Texas, where he was accused of murdering another freedman in Bastrop County. He then returned to live with his father's family, which had moved to Bell County. In the summer of that year,  J. J. Finney arrested Longley for murder and brought him to Austin to collect a reward. However, when the federal military reward was not forthcoming from state officials, Finney released Longley, possibly in exchange for a bribe from Longley's uncle Pres.

On March 31, 1875, Longley shot his boyhood friend Wilson Anderson dead with a shotgun. The murder was instigated by Longley's uncle Cale, who had blamed Anderson for the death of his son and urged Longley to take revenge. Longley then fled northward, accompanied by his brother Jim, who was later tried and acquitted of Anderson's murder. A new reward was posted for Longley's capture. On June 6, 1877, Longley was surrounded and arrested without incident by Nacogdoches County, Texas, USA Sheriff Milt Mast and two deputies, while he was residing in De Soto Parish, Louisiana, under the alias of "Bill Jackson". He was taken back to Texas, tried in the Lee County Court, and sentenced to hang for the murder of Wilson Anderson. His appeal was dismissed in March, 1878.

On October 11, 1878, Longley was executed by hanging in Giddings, Texas, USA, only a few miles from his birthplace of Evergreen. He claimed to have killed 32 people, mostly of Hispanic and African American heritage. Although often referred to as a "gunfighter", most of Longley's victims were mostly of Hispanic and African American heritage. Although often referred to as a "gunfighter", most of Longley's victims were unarmed, and he killed several of them in the course of committing a robbery.

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