29. Mary Lucyle WILLINGHAM5(Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1).was born 18 Aug 1925[1] in Texas, USA and died 29 Sep 2003[1,11] in Texas, USA. She married George Edward FRESHOUR, Sr who was born 12 Nov 1916[1].  He died 02 Mar 1968[1,11,12] in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA[1,11,12].

Children of Lucyle and George Freshour:



George Edward FRESHOUR, Jr.6(Lucyle5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 23 Aug 1944 in Harris County, Texas, USA[1,2].  He married first to Linda Ann WARREN who was born about 1949[3] and divorced 27 May 1971[4].  He married second 31 Oct 1971 in Fort Bend, Texas, USA to Sandra K. MERRIMAN[5] who was born about 1950[5].
Child of George and Linda Freshour:


Stephen Lee FRESHOUR7(George6Lucyle5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)  was born 18 Nov 1968[3] in Harris County, Texas, USA.[3]. He married 23 Jan 1993[9] in Harris County, Texas, USA[9] to Lori A. Stuber[9] who was born about 1971[9].
Children of George and Sandra Freshour:
i.  David Michael FRESHOUR7(George6Lucyle5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)  was born 04 Oct 1974 in Harris County, Texas, USA[6]. He married 4 Dec 1993[8] in Harris County, Texas, USA [8] to Christi L. Little who was born about 1974[8].
ii. Sue Ann FRESHOUR7(George6Lucyle5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1)  was born 22 Oct 1978 in Harris County, Texas, USA[7].


Michael Gene FRESHOUR6(Lucyle5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) was born 31 Aug 1947 in Cameron County, Texas, USA[1,10] and died 03 Jan 2012 in Harris County, Texas, USA.   He married (first) 10 Jun 1969[8] in Harris County, Texas, USA[8] to Carolyn S. Borden[8] who was born about 1951[8].  They divorced[4]  11 May 1970[4] in Harris County, Texas, USA[4].  He married (second) 28 Aug 1970 in Montgomery County, Texas, USA to Katherine F. Smith who was born about 1950[8].  They divorced 05 Sep 1972[8] in Harris County, Texas, USA[8].  He married (third) 08 Sep 1972[8] in Harris County, Texas, USA to Lois A. UNKNOWN[8] who was  born about 1943[8].  They divorced 20 Jan 1982[8] in Harris County, Texas, USA[8].  Michael Gene had no issue.


Daughter FRESHOUR6(Lucyle5Henry4John3Alfred2Archibald1) died at birth.

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