1 John O誰EAL1 was born[1] 04 October 1799 in Logan County, Kentucky and died 15 Feb 1882 in Coryell County, Texas, USA.  He married about 1818 in Christian County, Kentucky to Nancy HARBOUR who was born 22 Apr 1801 in Kentucky and died 06 Mar 1899 in Coryell County, Texas, USA.  John and Nancy are suppose to both be buried2 in the Killeen City Cemetery in Killeen, Texas, USA.

The book, "A Tour on the Prairies", by Washington Irving is based on Irving's journal that he kept while he was traveling with the Indian Commissioner, Henry Leavitt Ellsworth (1791-1858), who had been instructed "to visit and examine the country set apart for the emigrating Indians, west of the Mississippi, USA",  land in what is now Oklahoma, USA. They had a military escort from Ft. Gibson which was in what is now northeastern OK not far from the AR border. On that same tour with Irving, and one of the military escort, was our Great Great Grandfather, John O'Neal (1799 KY-1882 TX). John is not named in the book, but his commanding officers, First Lieutenant Joseph Pentecost and Captain Jesse Bean are.  Bean's newly formed company of mounted Rangers had reported to Colonel Matthew Arbuckle, commandant of Fort Gibson, on September 14, 1832.  According to John O'Neal's military record, he enlisted 27 August 1832 in Batesville, AR, and served under Lt. Pentecost and Capt. Bean at Ft. Gibson until he was discharged 25 Aug 1833.  Washington Irving's "tour" included a circuit from Ft. Gibson through the back country and back to Ft. Gibson between 10 Oct 1832 and 9 Nov 1832, this part being escorted by Bean's Rangers stationed at Ft. Gibson. (by Dr. Katherine Willingham Woerner)

Children of John and Nancy O'Neal were:
2. i.   Harvey O'NEAL2(John1) was born 16 Mar 1819 in Arkansas, USA and died unknown.  He married in Independence County , Arkansas, USA to Terissa ELMS.
3 ii.   Lucinda O誰EAL2(John1 was born 06 Jul 1821 in Arkansas, USA.  She married Thomas ELMS.
4 iii.   Melinda Ann O'NEAL2(John1)  was born 15 May 1823 in Arkansas.  She married about 1842 in Arkansas to David Meek ELMS who was born 03 May 1813 and died 23 Dec 1877.
5 iv.   William Abijah (Bige) O'NEAL2(John1 was born 04 May 1828 in Independence County , Arkansas, USA.  He married STAFFORD.
v.   Gilbert O誰EAL2(John1)  was born 25 Nov 1830.
6 vi.   Martha "Patsy" O誰EAL2(John1) was born Dec 1834 in Tennessee, USA.  She died 12 Jan 1919 in Washington County, Texas, USA and is buried next to her husband in the Willingham Cemetery at New Year's Creek, Washington County, Texas, USA.  She married 18 Jan 1855 in Washington County, Texas, USA to Alfred Jackson WILLINGHAM who was born 26 Mar 1824 in Monroe County, Georgia, USA and died 15 Mar 1907 Washington County, Texas, USA.
7 vii.   Thomas Jefferson O誰EAL2(John1 was born 22 Jan 1837 in Independence County, , Arkansas, USA.  He married first Oct 1865 to Catherine OVERTON and second about 1886 in Bell County, Texas, USA to Irene NELSON.
8 viii.   Stephen O誰EAL2(John1 was born 20 Sep 1839.  He married Amelia GRAY who was born 29 Jul 1842 in Mississippi, USA and died 23 Jul 1898 in Coryell County, Texas, USA.
ix.   Elizabeth O誰EAL2(John1) died 04 Dec 1898 in Independence County , Arkansas, USA.

Notes for John O誰eal:
! According to the death record of Martha O誰eal, John O誰eal was born in Tennessee, USA.

1.  John O'Neal was born in LOGAN CO. KY (military record).
2. Not proven by us.


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