1825 - 1889

James Henry Murdock, the son of James and Jane Murdoch was born 10 Nov 1825 in probably Iredell County, North Carolina and it is as now not known when he arrived in Texas.

When the Civil War broke out, James Murdock enlisted in Company "C", 7th regiment of the Texas Infantry (Gregg’s Regiment Texas Infantry) Confederate States Army on 01 Oct 1861 in Marshall, Kaufman County, Texas at age 37. He mustered into service 07 Oct 1861 in Marshall. Records show he was wounded at Donelson Ridge, Tennessee. The Muster Roll for 02 Oct 1861 to 01 Aug 1862 shows him absent, wounded in action at Donelson on 15 Feb 1862. The Muster roll for January and February, 1863 (last on which borne) shows him severely wounded at Ft. Donelson and subsequently discharged.) Date of discharge was not shown. He was paid to 30 Sep 1862. No later record was found.

While fighting in the war, James received a gun shot wound to his left jaw. After staying in the hospital about six months, he was discharged. The bullet entered just under the lower jaw, going through the mouth, cutting the upper part of the tongue and breaking the lower jaw bone as it came out. The tongue and the side the bullet came out healed up. The place where the bullet entered never healed entirely and water would pass through it most all the time and he had to put his finger over the hole when he drank liquids to keep them from leaking out.

After arriving in Texas James Murdock met a young lady by the name of Sarah Jane York, the daughter of Levi York, Jr. They purchased a marriage license and was married in Kaufman County, Texas, USAon 07 Sep 1867.

James and Sarah lived between Kaufman and Ennis, Texas, located in the western most part of the state which was sparsely settled at the time. The Indians were very much still active in raids although the government tried to contain them on reservations. One day, James noticed a lot of Indians traveling by close to his home. He gathered his family on the roof of the house where they stayed all night, James with gun in hand for protection until the next morning when he found out the government was moving the Indians to a reservation in Arizona.

James Murdock died 15 Mar 1889 in Kaufman County, Texas and was buried in the Sugar Loaf Cemetery. The bodies buried at Sugar Loaf Mountain Cemetery were later moved to Killeen, Texas and surrounding areas. Many who were moved had no marker or the marker was could not be read so some were moved simply named as unknown. No record of James is available. In 1998, a stone was donated by the government for James’ military service and the stone was erected next to James' wife Sarah in memory of James in the Willingham Cemetery at New Year's Creek located in Washington County, Texas, USA.

After James’ death, Sarah Jane and her daughter Julia moved to Giddings to live with Mollie York, a sister-in-law of Sarah’s. After her daughter Julia Ann married, Sarah moved about 1897 to Washington County to be with Julia and her husband John H. Willingham. Sarah Jane applied for a Civil War Widow’s Pension 18 Aug 1927 but it was denied for lack of information. She filed a second application 05 May 1928 which was approved and payment was allowed from 01 Mar 1928. Sarah Jane York Murdock died 02 Dec 1934 in Washington County, Texas, USA and is buried in the Willingham Cemetery at New Year's Creek.


5 i.  Margaret Jane MURDOCK4(James3James2John1) was born 17 Oct 1870 in Texas and died 1898 in Texas. She married 11 Jun 1887 in Kaufman County, Texas, USA to J. H. MCCAIN who was born.
6 ii.  Julia Ann MURDOCK4(James3James2John1) was born 10 Oct 1872 in Kaufman County, Texas, USA and died 28 Mar 1959 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA. She married 15 Oct 1893 in Lee County, Texas, USA to John H. WILLINGHAM who was born 27 Jul 1869 in Washington County, Texas, USA and died 17 Jun 1929 in Brenham, Washington County, Texas, USA.
  iii.  James Levi MURDOCK4(James3James2John1) was born 10 Oct 1876 and died 10 Dec 1877.
  iv.  Charles Henry MURDOCK4(James3James2John1) was born in 1880 in Texas.  He died May 1885-questionable

Notes for James Henry Murdock and Sarah Jane York:
¦ James Murdock’s military record: Pvt., CO C, 7th Regiment Texas Infantry, Confederated States Army. He later died of complications caused from a gun-shot wound received in the Civil War.
¦ Marriage registered in Book 1-A of the Texas marriage License record.
¦ The marriage in the Family Bible states they were married on 17 Sep 1867.

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1880 Kaufman Co, Texas, USA

(photo from a tintype)

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