16. Joseph HARBOUR3(Elisha2Thomas1), the son of Elisha Harbour and Margaret Reynolds was born 22 Jul 1773 in Pittyslvania County, Virginia and migrated from Patrick County, VA about 1796 into Kentucky via the Cumberland Gap moving into a vast frontier of its day.  He married 11 Feb 1799 in Garrard County, Kentucky to Mary "Polly" STEPHENS, the daughter of Samuel and Mary Stephens.  She was born 03 Aug 1777 in Garrard County, Kentucky.  

In February 1799, Joseph purchased land in Christian County, KY and adjoining 200 acres shortly after.  In 1812, he sold the land and moved farther west into Arkansas County of Missouri Territory.  In 1817, the country became AR Territory, the state of Arkansas was not formed until 1836.  Somewhere along the way, Joseph met up with Stephen F. Austin's second colony into Texas.  It is recorded that on 25 Dec 1825, they crossed the Brazos River about 2 miles south of the present site of Old Washington, Washington County, Texas, USA.  This is where he made his home at *New Year's Creek on his seven square miles of land for the remainder of his life.

Joseph farmed and raised stock and was something of a financier.  It is said that he had accumulated some money, mostly silver, and there being no banks in that part of Mexico, he buried the money or hid it in the hollow of a tree.  A man by the name of **Greenwood was aware of his savings and shot Joseph for the purpose of robbing him.  Joseph died a few days later on 24 Jul 1839.  Greenwood was arrested and it is said, served a jail sentence for his crime.  After shooting Harbour, Greenwood dug up the dirt floor of the smokehouse looking for the money but seemingly never found it nor did Joseph's family for that matter.  Some neighbor boys found several hundred dollars in silver in a hollow tree on land that belonged to Harbour.

Joseph and Mary Harbour are both buried in the Harbour Cemetery in Washington County, Texas, USA. 


Children of Joseph and Mary Harbour were:
17 i.  Nancy HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) was born 22 Apr 1801 in Kentucky and died 06 Mar 1899 in Coryell County, Texas, USA. She married 07 Jan 1820 in Christian County, Kentucky to John OíNEAL who was born 04 October 1799 in Kentucky and died 15 Feb 1882 in Coryell County, Texas, USA.
ii.  Elizabeth HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) died 12 Deac 1861 in Washington County, Texas, USA. She married 1st to Mr. SINGLETON and 2nd to Willoughby BOATRIGHT
iii.  Patsy HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) was born 17 Jan 1807 in Christian County, Kentucky and died 12 Dec 1861.
iv.  Mary HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) was born 12 Aug 1812 in Christian County, Kentucky and died 12 Mar 1882 in Washington County, Texas, USA. She married 12 Jul 1825 in Miller County , Arkansas, USA to Jonathan NEWMAN who was born 16 May 1797 in York District, South Carolina and died 09 Sep 1882 in Washington County, Texas, USA.
v.  Anna HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) died 27 Apr 1898 in Coryell County, Texas, USA. She married 25 Apr 1830 to Elisha Davis JACKSON who was born 10 Sep 1806 in Toronto, Canada and died 26 Nov 1881 in Washington County, Texas, USA.
vi. George Washington HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) was born 22 Sep 1815 and died 19 Oct 1890. He married three times. He married first on 12 Dec 1844 in Washington County, Texas, USA to Eleanor WILLINGHAM who was born 26 Mar 1815 in Columbia County, Georgia, USA and died 24 Mar 1848 in Washington County, Texas, USA. He married second 28 Aug 1850 to Barbara Ann EDNEY who died 25 Dec 1882. He married third 25 Jun 1885 to Sarah Frances AUSTIN.
vii.  Thomas Jefferson HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) was born 04 Jan 1818.
viii.  James Monroe HARBOUR4(Joseph3Elisha2Thomas1) was born 09 Nov 1820. He married 1st 11 Jan 1844 in Washington County, Texas, USA to Martha Prudence WILLINGHAM who was born 24 Oct 1819 in Jasper County, Georgia, USA and died 19 Nov 1853 in Washington County, Texas, USA. He married 2nd Sep 1854 in Washington County, Texas, USA to Mary Ann YARBERRY

¦ Notes:
1  Joseph Harbour was on land and tax records 1806 & 1807 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
2  Joseph was in Moses Austinís 2nd Colony to Texas and lived in New Yearís Creek, Washington County, Texas, USA.
3  Mary "Polly" Stephens: a citizen, the wife of a colonist, and mother. Resided in New Yearís Creek, Washington, County, Texas, USA
4  Mary was the daughter of Samuel Stephens b. Jun 1758 in Carlislile, Cumberland County, PA and Mary Unknown
5  Samuel Stephens was the son of William Stephens b. est. 1707-1736 d. est. 1761-1821 m. est. 1733-1776 to Mary Unknown
6  Relationship to this family qualifies for DRT, SRT, DAR and SAR

¦ Source:
1. Some of the writing of the story from "The Harbours In America" by Louis J. Williams

* When Austin's first colony arrived, it was on New Year's that they camped over-night before moving on.  They named the creek New Year's Creek.  The site became the site of Austin's 2nd colony. 
** Just food for thought...
Many Greenwoods who were also in Austin's 2nd colony and  lived in Grimes County, just across the Brazos River.  

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