The Generation Gap

               I suspect that there has always been a generation gap from which the younger merges into the older without too much trouble.  At present, however, we are probably the only society in the known history of mankind in which the younger generations have so little respect and such low regard for their elders.  "Senior Citizens" are constantly being criticized, belittled and sniped at for every conceivable error of the modern world, whether real or imaginary.
               Upon reflection, I realize it wasn't the "Senior Citizens" who took  

the melody out of music;
the beauty out of art;
the propriety out of entertainment;
the pride out of appearance;
the romance out of love;
the commitment out of marriage;
the responsibility out of parenthood;
the togetherness out of family;
the learning out of education;
the loyalty out of Americanism;
the service out of patriotism;
the hearth out of home;
the civility out of behavior;
the refinement out of language;
the endeavor out of employment;
the planning out of development;
the saving out of growth;
the caution out of action;
the prudence out of spending;
the patience out of ambition;
the ambition out of achievement;
               And we certainly know that we are not the ones who eliminated the tolerance from relation-ships, for which, one day, they will assuredly pay the piper.

Jerome J. Goldstein
National Committee member
Boca Raton, Florida

This article appeared in an article that was sent to me by a friend.  I do not know which magazine or newspaper

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