Harbour Family Graveyard

Latitude 30o14'48", Longitude 96o15'21". about two miles NE of the intersection of State Highway 90 and FM 2193. This graveyard is located on top of a hill overlooking beautiful hardwood trees. It is no wonder why 150 years ago Joseph Harbour chose it as a resting place for his family. The land has been sold and re-sold a number of times.  One of the owners who bought the land had cows roaming the pastures and the stones are now all broken. These pieces are the only ones that could be read when my sister and I visited the site in 1999.

Those known to be buried there:

Eleanor Willingham  Harbour 
(1st wife of George Washington Harbour)
(daughter of Archibald Willingham)
b. 26 Mar 1815     
d. 24 Mar 1848

Sarah Jane Harbour
(wife of George Washington Newman)
(daughter of James Monroe & Martha Prudence Willingham Harbour)
b. 12 Sep 1851
d. ?? May 1853
Joseph Harbour
(Husband of Mary Stephens)
b. 22 Jul 1773
d. 24 Jul  1839
Mary Stephens Harbour
(wife of Joseph Harbour)
b. 03 Aug 1780
d. 14, Jun 1862
John Newman
(husband of Adeline Willingham)
b. 03 Apr 1826
d. ?? Aug 1860
H. R. Harbour
b. 18 Dec 1860
d. 06 Feb 1863
N. E. Harbour
b. ??
d. 9 May 1854

S. J. Harbour
b. Sep 12, 1851
d. ?? May 1853

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Mary Stephens, wife of Joseph Harbour
b. Aug 3, 1780
d. Jun 14, 1862

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The following is from an email from the son of the first buyer of the land.  He was born on the land in 1945.  
Unfortunately, the only two graves that I can positively remember are Joseph and his wife.  There were six or sevens headstones standing when I was a youngster.  The cemetery is on one and one-half acres and runs east to west along the crest of the hill.   The Harbours were buried in the first row on the Westerly end.  The white portion of the graveyard was along the North side of the ridge and the black portion along the South side.  There are many unmarked graves in the graveyard.  

During the winter, when the grass is dead, one can stand on the Easterly side of the graveyard and look toward the west.  You can see many depressions in the ground.  There are many depressions in the black portion also.  However, there was only one marker and it was made of wood.  My father said that it was a black woman that was buried there when she was young.  

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This is a  stone donated by a relative.  Apr 2003
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