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  Early Texas Families
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Our family trees were planted in Texas!

TEXAS, an area of rich soils, timberlands and warm climate cried out for her settlement to brave pioneers who left behind family members, friends and countries in order to seek their dreams of freedom, fortune and happiness. Each, with his own unique reason, faced the hardships of early travel as he rejected the elements of the weather, disease, hunger and sometimes even death in order to fulfill his quest.

Some of our ancestors arrived in Texas while it was still part of Mexico, receiving Land Grants given by the Mexican government.  Some fought Indians to keep their families safe, and others fought for Texas Independence and Statehood.  It is my hope that this site will help you find a link to your brave ancestors who lived through those hard times.

By the grace of God, these men with their talents, integrity and leadership molded our great state of TEXAS!